What is Health Events Live?

The HealthEventsLive.com provides health-conscious consumers with listings of free and low-cost health service provided by pharmacies, retail stores, community centers and more. The site allows you to quickly search for health events near you. You can even create a profile, so you can sign up to receive emails of upcoming events matching your interests.

What is a health event?

A health event is any specially scheduled, health-related activity happening at one or more locations across the United States and some outlying territories. Any number of activities can be listed, including but not limited to immunizations, senior events and screenings for cancer, osteoporosis, glucose, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, vision and hearing.

Who are health events for?

Everyone can attend health events. Although some may be specifically tailored to certain health conditions, these events are for anyone who wants to take an active part in managing their health.

Where do health events take place?

Health events are held in a variety of places. Pharmacies, retail stores, doctors' surgeries, community centers, grocery stores, big box stores and even membership clubs now offer a wide range of health screenings, checkups and consultations.

Do events happen at all branches?

Not necessarily. Although some events are nationwide, not all of them occur at all stores or on the same date. Please check the particular time and date your branch is holding an event before setting out.

Is there a charge to access health events?

Health Events Live is 100% FREE! We are advertising-supported, which means the service is free to access and use. We do not receive payment for event listings or patient participation. Unless otherwise stated, all events offer free or low-cost health services. Insurance requirements may or may not apply. If in doubt, please contact your preferred location for further details.

Is my information safe?

The personal information you use to search for health events is safe. We will not share it with any outside organizations, including health providers. 

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